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Talos Automation

Whether you are a single-physician practice or a multi-location hospital chain, paper medical records are still part of your operations. Our award winning Medical Record Management product ‘Talos’ is a unique solution which digitizes your medical records and integrates with your Healthcare Management System. Talos is built using latest technology which digitizes your records, scans the medical files and does complete lifecycle management of those records. Talos Automation is fully customizable to cater to your specific requirements to give you a complete Medical Record Management Solution.

Built-In features

P3 Insights Healthcare

With the complex HealthCare industry operations and regulations, there is continuous demand to improve financial outcome, lower medical costs, improve clinical proficiency and patient engagement. Health management to be effective, healthcare analytics with real-time insights that monitor individual behavior is necessary. Datanutts has developed healthcare solution on Azure platform – P3 Insights. 3-Ps stand for Payers, Providers and Patients. P3 Insights is a leading provider of population health analytics solutions that improve health outcomes and lower costs across the healthcare ecosystem. P3Insights leverages the power of the Johns Hopkins ACG system to create a comprehensive risk profile for each and every patient based upon claims, enrollment, social determinants of health information and other information that we load into our system.

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