Data Strategy

One of the key steps for any organization towards journey of success is, data awareness. Data awareness is always building and growing proper channels to manage and understand data to harness true value out of it. At DataNutts, we put together strategies from acquiring to leveraging data. We provide assessment and maturity level of current data strategy and help build our clients framework and various practical approaches to deliver insights. We provide a roadmap to measure success and drive business results.

Our key Data Strategy focus items are :

Data Architecture – Practical and cost-effective approach helps clients decide the right framework and technology for data storage, data operations, data quality and data integration. We review the data life cycle and come up with the optimal solution and define approach how to make changes based on the way that data is used.

Agile Data Governance – Our philosophy is that data governance should be treated as business function no different than corporate finance, human resources etc.  In order to harness the power of growing volume and variety of data, often times reinvention is required in policies and process standards for use across several programs and drive a standard process design. We defines and implement master data governance standards, harmonization, and approach for use across several programs which leads towards overall data strategy and deployment.

Data Cataloging  – Data Catalog in simple language is a platform which helps creating inventory of metadata, better understand data and where it came from, and share this information with teams based on their privileges. Before you finalize the tool for data cataloging, we help our client build metadata strategy for all sorts of metadata – business, technical, operational and audit. We help determining right tool and deliver data cataloging solution.

Reference Data – Key and foundational step to leverage true benefits of more complex solutions like data cataloging, master data management – is to have seamless approach to collect, manage, govern and maintain reference data. Based on velocity, variety & volume of your reference data – we  build  Reference Data Management solutions ensuring availability via a central hub.

Master Data Management –  We specialize in delivering variety of MDM solutions from simple implementation like identity management (e.g. Providers in Healthcare) to complex master data hubs (Customers in financial institutions).  We have successfully applied MDM concepts to any critical data domain rationalizing data from all sources and deriving golden record . We assess existing MDM footprints, understand overarching governance processes and then recommend solution based on current and future business needs.


DIDQ Framework

Data Integration & Data Quality implementation from soup to nuts is our forte. We specialize in architecting, designing, implementing and fine tuning several related tools and technologies for data integration and data quality. We modernize integration processes while applying proactive data quality rules to make data understandable, agile and accurate and reliable. We provide managed service for all your data integration requirements. We also specialize in data migration levering our proven methodology.