Pushdown optimization (PDO) What is Pushdown Optimization? Pushdown Optimization, as the name indicates, is an approach to push the  transformation logic down to the data source/target  using corresponding SQL query  to leverage power of compute engine of underlying source/target infrastructure. Performance is enhanced by multiple folds and less stress on data integration platform. Why PDO […]

Cloud Application Integration (CAI) – All About CAI What is CAI? Cloud Application Integration (CAI) plays a crucial role in connecting different applications by facilitating API calls and automating processes. One of the primary use cases of CAI is enabling seamless data transfer and integration between on-premise and cloud-based applications. Consider a scenario where two […]

On-premise/ Digital/ Cloud/Hybrid, Datanutts helps structuring your master entities and implement MDM solution Curiosity!!!! Curiosity is the reason how Technology have become what it has become! It’s an open secret that data is digital gold in today’s market. But it is not much of use if the data is not organized in the required way. […]

Why to migrate from PowerCenter to IDMC!! ∙ API Integration: Both tools are capable of processing data in near real-time when run regularly. IDMC, on the other hand, make it possible to develop APIs that integrate multiple applications. The PowerCenter tool does not provide an option for developing APIs. ∙ Support For Agile Development: IDMC offers add-on […]